¿Be Qurious?

Exploring our curiosity is what makes life interesting, right? Often our learning journey is shaped by how our curiosity is nurtured and shaped over time. Through my own journey I believe if we wish to progress we must let this curiosity grow in our children. The question is:

How can we promote curiosity fed learning globally?


photo credit: Universal Studios ‘Curious George’

Over time there have been numerous educators, parents, and others who have explored this and offered their response. This blog is meant to show a few of these ways and also present my own discoveries and ideas. This blog will definitely evolve over time. For now it will focus on the following:

  • Making, Makerspaces, & Design Thinking
  • Developments in Education
  • Personal ideas for Educators to try

These resources will be most useful to makers, educators, parents, and of course fellow learners!

In case you find this blog to your liking, please pass it on! Also, you may enjoy my personal blog: Society Ω. If you wish to reach me you can do so via Twitter or LinkedIN. I’m always open for collaborations, discussions, inquiries, and more!

Why ‘bequrious’?

For any of those interested in the name ‘bequrious’. I was searching for symbols that represented curiosity. I came across the theory that the question mark was derived from the ‘q’ in question. This was perfect as the blog’s theme is ‘be curious, make, & learn’. It occurred to me both the b and q could be represented as question marks. After all curiosity is mostly about questioning the world, right?

QO v1

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