We all have the ability to make. Making comes in all shapes and sizes, everything from art to cooking to engineering. Furthermore, we can make just about anywhere! To put this to the test I’ve challenged myself to make new creations every week. The original idea was daily make projects. The reality is creativity needs time to recharge.

Each set in the make series will have three to four of my newest creations. In each set I’ll highlight the challenges and risks I came across. Additionally, I’ll share any ideas it sparked for projects to be used in museums, in schools, by parents, or by fellow makers.

Creation #1 – Shorts
The summer heat got me in the mood for another pair of shorts. Going through my clothes, I came across a pair of barely used pants. With a few snips I had my pants. The tricky bit was making small enough stitching to get them presentable. For sure my hemming work could be improvement!

Make Shorts

Project Idea: Most of us have clothes we rarely or never use. With some creativity these clothes can be re-purposed into something useful or fun. How about having students bring in these clothes to try out their sewing. As needles are rather sharp make sure to make the activity age appropriate.

Creation #2 – Book Scanner
This Italian cookbook has been with me since my childhood. Whenever changing apartments I’ve learned to cut down on my possessions. Book and paper often weigh the most. So how can a book be easily digitized? The answer was of course this book scanner setup! For the most part this setup was fairly straightforward. The biggest challenge was keeping the camera steady to ensure the text was crisp.

Make Book Scan

Project Idea: Our world is rapidly becoming digital. Exploring this shift could be great for an exhibit or open discussion with students. How does the analog and digital world compare? What digital shifts are still to come in the future? How does the digital world impact society?

Creation #3 – Post-It Tree
Post-It notes are great…when they stick…yet mine often fall. So I made a Post-It tree! The challenge is creating a stand-alone base. Adding weight to the base can help with this.


Project Idea: Chances are in every house there are imperfections or eventually something breaks. How about a group exercise to brainstorm some and come up with possible solutions? For students this can be a great way to connect making to the real world!

If you need support with any of the suggested project ideas feel free to ask me on Twitter or LinkedIN. Also, it would be great to see any creations this post inspired!

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