The Art of Learning

What is the recipe to learning? After two years of giving English lessons I’ve had a glimpse at how diverse and complex learning is. For learners and educators alike the art of learning can be the key to success. As I continue on my learning adventure, I’ll continue to share my findings. For now I’ll share three valuable lessons that have shaped my perspective on learning.

Learning can and should be fun!
People like myself who are full of curiosity likely love to learn. So why have so many education systems turned learning into a chore? I learned this after just a few lessons when I started creating games and exciting exercises. Also, the students will mirror the mood/spirit of the educator. Let’s promote this: teach and learn with a smile!


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The flow of learning is better kept natural
As an educator this lesson took a while to realize. Most students are eager to learn if it’s something that interests them. With private 1-to-1 lessons this makes for an exciting and intimate learning experience. For classroom style education this is trickier to facilitate. However, educators can offer projects or provide different learning path options. As we’re all different, why do many education systems stick to a one size fits all model?

A key role of an educator is inspiring students to pursue self-learning
During my first months teaching English I focused most of my preparation time on the class material. Although I gave homework, I put limited thought into this part of the learning. From my own language learning experience, it occurred to me that self-learning is often far more powerful. My lessons needed to spark self-learning outside the class! A trending example is flipping the classroom. For educators it may be a challenge to get all students to pursue self-learning, yet I believe the outcome is worth it.

Learning is a lifelong journey. Our learning growth greatly determines our success as individuals and society as a whole. If you agree with this, you’d likely agree that it’s in our best interest to explore the art of learning! You likely have some great thoughts and ideas to share. How about continuing this discussion here, on Twitter, or LinkedIN!?

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