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Humans have been making since the dawn of time! Making is about using our resources and creating something new. We can either make to solve a problem, to express ourselves, or just for fun. Going further making is an active learning process that helps us understand our world. Through the maker movement there has been a push for makerspaces and maker education. Here are a few resources for all those who want to make and/or wish to have a makerspace.

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Getting Started

This is the place for anyone new to making or educators considering a makerspace. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of the world of making and makerspaces.
Tinkering MOOC – This online course will give you a basic understanding of making and get you making.
diy.org – Here you can explore existing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) creations.
instructables.com – Another place to explore creations and projects.

Makerspace Guides

Perhaps you’re an educator or community leader who wishes to build a makerspaces. Here are a few guides to check out.
Maker Programs Blueprint – This blueprint was made by the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI). It goes through designing, implementing, and running a maker program.
NYSCI Makezines – Another resource by NYSCI which is split into three parts: Makerspace Guide, Maker Tools, and Maker Projects.
Makerspace Playbook  – An extensive guide from Maker Media, which walks through everything from safety, practices, projects, and much more!
Maker Club Playbook – A guide from MakerEd targeted at young makers. It focuses on making quality maker programs.

Financing a Makerspace

As you consider a makerspace you’ll have to consider how to finance it. Makerspaces tend to require new equipment, have various maintenance costs, and might require extra staffing. Here are some options to turn your makerspace dream into reality.
Maker Grants – A blog with a complete list of grants for school makerspaces.
DonorsChoice  – This is a crowdfunding platform for school classroom projects.
Institute of Museum and Library Services imls.gov – This organization specializes in grants for museums and libraries. It has sponsored many makerspaces like the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
CTE Makeover Challenge  – It’s part of the US Department of Education’s continuing progress to support the maker movement. In 2016 this challenge supported 10 school makerspaces.

Maker Activities and Lessons

Whether you have a makerspace or wish to try making yourself, here are some activities and lessons to get started.
Maker Lessons  – This blog offers lesson plans for youth makerspaces.
Cardboard Challenge  – A global challenge for youth to create their own cardboard-based inventions.

photo credit: mathstronauts.ca

photo credit: mathstronauts.ca

Makerspace Maps

These are a few convenient maps to help you find the closest makerspace. As the maker movement is growing makerspaces can now be found in most major cities around the world.
Museum Makers Map  – This is a map of museums which have making activities and/or a makerspace in the US, Asia, and Australia.
Maps of Makers  – A collection of maps shows both makers and makerspaces.

Maker Networks

Even if you’re far from a makerspace there are plenty of chances to connect to other makers. The maker community is full of open-minded people who like to share and support one another.

Social Networks

#makerSLOWchat (Twitter) – Twitter chat by Colleen Graves which offers a weekly question on making, maker education, and makerspaces.
Makerspaces and the Participatory Library (Facebook) – This is a highly active network where librarians share their makerspace ideas, projects, feedback, and more.
Makerspace.com – This is the official social network made my Make Magazine to connect makers. Makers can share their creations as well as share feedback.

Events and Communities

Maker Faire  – These are large global events where makers meet to showcase their creations
Museum Makerspace  – Created by the Association of Science Technology Centers (ASTC) it’s a community of museum makers, which is also open to the public.

Extra Resources

If you want even more resources here are some more options:
Makerspace Resources and Programming Ideas – This makerspace resource list was created by Colleen Graves, an enthusiastic librarian maker, who also hosts the #makerSLOWchat.
MakerspaceLab Resources – Another makerspace resource list which is ideal for maker educators.
makerspaces.com – This organization helps schools and libraries with their makerspaces.
makezine.com – The publication, which started the maker movement.
makered.org – Great resource focused on maker education for youth.

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